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Sunday, March 19, 2006

End of another term

Off to bring Edward home again this weekend, but taking in a CBSO concert on the way. For the first time in ages, it was still light when we arrived, so we had a brisk (bitterly cold) walk before going into Symphony Hall for the pre-concert talk. Mark will report the concert itself in our family blog, I will simply record the battery of percussion needed for Thea Musgave's Concerto for Orchestra. I think you can guess the character of the piece from this alone?

Stayed over at the City Inn, Brindley Place which was really good considering it was so cheap, and had supper in Bank after the concert. They kept us waiting so long for our table we were almost ready for breakfast, but a glass of champagne (on the house) went some way to placating us.

The journey to Cambridge was swift and uneventful. Hard to think that this will soon be home for another student and that Edward's three years are almost done.


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