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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Here, there and everywhere

After the heat of yesterday, it was quite a surprise to wake to an overcast morning and a forecast of rain - not good news when we had packed our bags in about 30C, believing it to last throughout the weekend. However, in true British style, we set off regardless of our inappropriate clothing in the general direction of Liverpool, intending to dive into a gallery if it rained too hard.
We didn't get very far! No sooner had we set off to walk around Albert Dock (which was not looking at all like this as you can see) than it began to rain, so our walk along the Mersey riverside path was a short one, and we took refuge in the Tate Gallery and a cup of coffee.

We started with the Bruce Naumann exhibit, "Make me Think" which didn't so much make us think as give us both headaches! Rather disturbing even if it was a talking point. We much preferred the work of Marie-Louise Motesiczky and still more, the DLA Piper Series which was so interesting in the way it set out to illustrate movements in art over a period of time. Towards Abstraction was particularly successful from my point of view. By the time we'd done with the Henry Moores, it was pouring with rain, so we headed for the car, decided Paul McCartney's 64th birthday was not enough reason to visit the Beatles Story and set off in the direction of The Wirral.

Mark had spotted an advert for Voirrey Embroidery somewhere along the way, so having decided not to join the people sitting huddled in their cars on the New Brighton seafront, we drove around the coast and then headed to Brimstage. Needless to say it was a popular place, but good for a look around, especially the exhibition of Rachel John's jumbo knitting.

Courtyard Crafts had also caught my eye when we were in Albert Dock, and having declined a "frequent customer" card there, saying we'd unlikely be going there again, we found ourselves in the Brimstage shop within the hour. I'd been quite impressed by the way they had arranged their shop so that instead of having huge banks of different rubber stamps or whatever, they'd themed small displays with bits and pieces put together in a more eye catching fashion. I always find these places interesting, if only to spot what's new so that I can recognise it when it turns up in a competition I'm judging!

Setting off back towards Knutsford, I muttered something about Port Sunlight. Just in time, because there it was on the next signpost. Unfortunately we didn't get there in time to do the Lady Lever Art Gallery justice (and anyway, we'd had a fair bit of art from the Tate already!) but we enjoyed mooching around admiring the buildings and peaceful atmosphere. Just one question, where were all the cars? We bought our Sunlight soap and a bar of Lifebuoy (one sniff and we were both back at school!) and headed back to Knutsford, pleased with ourselves for filling a dreary day with so many interesting places.

(Blogger doesn't want to upload photos right now, so they will follow later)


  • I'm quite out of breath with all this activity Gill...what a brilliant weekend, very grateful for all the links. Very educational. I have not been to Liverpool since a child when I had to visit my parents in Ireland and we crossed by boat. Those were the days of the big liners which went to the US. Do they still go from Liverpool?? Maggie H.

    By Blogger Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese, at 8:25 pm  

  • Ah Gill, so near to North Wales, Thanks for a lovely tour to some of my favourite places.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 4:54 pm  

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