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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Buy yarn! Buy Fabric!

Those little voices just had to be obeyed...

We were drawn into fabric shops and succumbed to the bargains which were waiting. From such humble beginnings are masterpieces created... (not by me...)

Habu was a little disorganised today but the yarn for the paper bag on was in stock and is now in my stash. Not only that, but it's wound and ready to go because the offer of Jordi's swift was too good to turn's a rather wild yarn! Got handles too, so no excuses.

Purl Patchwork window always looks so attractive, especially today in the spring sunshine.

And of course, we had someone else's money to spend...hope she approves of the choices we made for her!

Terracotta: O-wool (50% organic cotton, 50% organic wool blend), Purple: Blue Sky Alpaca Melange, Stripy: Cascade Fixation elastic sock yarn, Pale Grey: Natural Focus cotton (Ecologie cotton)

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