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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Japanese Craft Books

I promised I'd share pictures of the New York loot sometime soon, and so I shall - but it's likely to come out in dribs and drabs, what with assembling furniture, preparing for guests and generally getting back into "life" again. Anyway, I thought I'd show two Japanese craft books Jordi and I found in Kinokuniya with you to start the ball rolling.

First is a button book, full of ideas for stringing buttons into different arrangements and surely a book I'm going to find useful. Google ISBN 4-579-11063-3 for more details.

Second is a ribbon flower book , the Amazon Japan page describes it beautifully! Google ISBN 4-579-11125-7 for more information.

I'm really pleased to have both of these on my shelf. Even though I can't read Japanese, I can follow the really clear diagrams and be inspired by so many of the designs inside.

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  • Oh Gill! You've sent me into Japanese Craft book frenzy! I found this selection of front covers
    and a pdocast (Stitch-Cast Episode 5) which I'll study when I get a chance. The knitting and crochet ones are to die for!

    By Blogger Sally Webster, at 5:50 am  

  • Next question Gill. Don't seem to be able to search on Amazon Japan using isbn numbers. Any ideas? Thanks.

    By Blogger Sally Webster, at 5:59 am  

  • Hi Gill, The button books looks interesting. Will look forward to seeing your new creations made in the new studio, on the new tables, whilst sitting on the new chairs :) Helen

    By Blogger Unknown, at 4:57 pm  

  • wow! love the button book! anyway managed to find out where to buy it yet?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 10:44 pm  

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