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Monday, July 16, 2007

Textile Treasures

The exhibition was wonderful, and though it was hard work it was worthwhile in order to see the reaction from visitors - so rewarding. We began with an empty room, in which a shell scheme had been built.

Each exhibit had to be identified and checked off the list. Sorting out the large number of lace edged tablecloths was a challenge - was that meant to be a crochet lace edge tablecloth or a tatted lace edge?

And any exhibition of tablecloths means that certain equipment is inevitable:

There was a model to be dressed, and some hastily arranged plastic bags to provide a bit of cleavage!

All came together beautifully, thanks to the skill of designer Sue, who resisted all demands to squeeze as many things in as possible and left each piece plenty of space to breathe and be shown to best effect.

This is one of my favourite pieces, a banner from the 1928, made for Cannington WI in Somerset, costing £5 11s 6d. At the time, a judge wrote a comment which stated that "an allegorical design is not suitable for a WI banner. Artificial silk unsuitable. Rejected"

This was my favourite grouping: a box in the shape of a guitar (very 1960s), a wool felt cushion (a la Needlework Development Scheme) a pair of slippers made to present to a retiring President, a modern box with embroidered top and a piece of inlay applique done by Mrs Christie - recognise it from "Samplers and Stitches"? The group sits in front of a rather wonderful banner from Norfolk Federation, upon a crochet bedspread.

All of these things, together with another 200 pieces, will be touring the ICHF shows next year, starting in Exeter in late September and going on to Harrogate, Glasgow, Brighton, Cardiff and Birmingham. Not only that, but I get to go with them!!

Maybe see you there?

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