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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just arrived in DaNang

We arrived in DaNang an hour or so ago and find we have free internet access in our room - woohoo! Expect a short deluge of catching up, links added, photos uploaded to our online album, replies to your emails...anything else?

We are cool and relaxed after a pretty hair raising drive over the Three Passes road, between Hue and here. We had a short break at Lang Co beach, a lovely sandy stretch littered with constellations of tiny starfish.

One old woman walked along the waters edge carrying a yoke on her shoulder, heavily laden with what looked like firewood. Apart from her, the beach looked empty...until we stepped onto it.

"Hello Sir, you want to buy something?" "Wanna sit on my deckchairs?"

We resisted the temptation and enjoyed a peaceful walk along the beach, collecting a few shells along the way.

DaNang is a large city, badly damaged by a typhoon last year so there is lots of building work going on. We are cossetted in a "resort", away from the real world and were greeted by drinks served in empty dragon fruit shells

One of our travelling companions thought the deckchair was just the right size for him and felt immediately at home!



  • Hi Gill

    This all look wonderful! I feel as if I am taking the journey with you :) Some fascinating and intriguing photos! Helen

    By Blogger Unknown, at 9:48 am  

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