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Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting Olympics Day One

OK, so I'm the Eddie the Eagle of Team GB - or so Mark says. I deliberately set my bar pretty low, because I knew I had a busy couple of weeks coming up, and I really wanted to knit the wristlets for a friend's birthday on the 23rd. But I chose black. Black Kidsilk haze. Ugh!

I began as the opening ceremony started. Progress so far? I have threaded beads twice. First time onto the wrong yarn, and in transferring them to the correct yarn, I dropped them. Finally threaded onto the correct yarn (the Kidsilk Haze) and all was well. Until I cast on. First time round, I'd twisted the stitches - the yarn is horrid to knit with at the best of times, but in black...dreadful! Second time I miscounted. Third time, I couldn't bear to miscount, so I have stitch counters every 12 stitches. Pathetic, eh?

Three rows complete.

(I imagine others will have knit half a shawl by now, for after all, the opening ceremony is very nearly over)


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