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Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy days

It's the season of county shows here, and it's Gloucestershire's turn to host the Three Counties Show, held near Malvern in Worcestershire. This means four days of early rising, 80-mile round trips up the M5 and more than usual attention paid to the weather forecast.

Yesterday, we set up our marquee - we have a 60-seat restaurant and a large display area which this year, has a healthy lifestyle theme.

No sooner had we opened the doors at 7.30am this morning than the queue for bacon butties had started. Business was brisk throughout the day.

A good job the local baker delivered plenty of supplies!

I enjoyed an opportunity to take a walk around the livestock area, especially enjoying this dear chap on his best behaviour in the ring. I think he's a Suffolk?

Whereas this bunch of Hampshire rascals were having far too much fun out there and were reluctant to be led back to the shed.

Paying homage to the source of that great bacon butty this morning as I passed the Tamworth pig competition.

Part of our healthy lifestyle theme involves our wearing pedometers to aim for our 10k steps a day. I think I managed that ok, wouldn't you say?

Two more show days to go.



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